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Why buy new double glazing at a big cost when replacing the glass is all you need?

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Other services include: Replacement of Hinges, Window Seals, Locks and Handles, Misted Windows and all other glazing products.


We can help you with the following

Broken Hinges

If your windows do not shut properly and there is a gap it could be due to broken hinges. We offer a service to replace the hinges and make sure that you window shuts correctly forming a proper seal to avoid any heat loss and draughts.

Window Seals

You may also find over time that the rubber caskets around your window frames shrink or even perish which can also lead to heat loss within your home. We replace all types of seals and gaskets helping you reduce and heat loss and draughts.

Window Locks

On occasion your windows might not lock properly and this may be due to the locking mechanism rusting or breaking completely. If this is the case you will not be able to lock your windows and again lose heat and have unnecessary draughts.

Misted Windows

Over time the seal on your double glazed windows fail causing a build up of mist and condensation within the glass. We specialise in the replacing any failed, blown double glazed units with new sealed units, allowing you to see clearly out of your windows again.



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